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Start building your PLIC Sports Books now.


Upload your sports photos


Design the book quickly using simple Drag-n-Drop and Intelligent tools to master workflow.


After you Preview/Proof your book, Finalize and Submit your creation to be printed with a click of a button!

Creating a Sports Book is now super-easy!

You can create a full sports book in as little as 20 minutes. Utilizing a scaling user experience, you can build a simple, themed book in minutes. Or scale things up and use the feature-rich application to tweak every detail for your new masterpiece!

Check out Our Awesome Features!

We have so many cool and useful features, we don't have enough room for them all.
So here are a few key features to get you started:

Designed for the Web

PLIC Books was designed for the Web from the ground up, not converted from a Desktop app. Better performance and increased security and reliability regardless of OS.

True Multi-user

Several PLIC Book users can be working on the same page at the same time! You can even see who is active and what they are working on in real-time!

Candid Submission made easy

Use our basic URL distribution for emails, flyers, etc.

Adding Text is a snap

Double-click on any page to add your Text. Choose your font, size it, throw in some cool effects like DropShadow or Stroke and whammo!


You can choose from a bunch of Themes that create the same look & feel throughout each page. Or create your own! Drag your Theme onto the page and watch the magic happen.

Upload Graphics & Clipart

PLIC Books has thousands of hi-res Clipart images! From Cats & Dogs to full Scenic Decorations. You can also Upload and Organize from your own library.

Full Book Preview

You can Preview your Book in progress to Examine, Move, Rename pages, etc. You can even download a PDF for your own proofing before Final Submission.

Personal Store

Sell your Books online through our brandable store front. Distribute a short url to your schools and let the money flow in!

Work on your PLIC Books project from anywhere.

Since PLIC Books is a Cloud-based web application, you can take your Notebook with you anywhere to work on your Yearbook masterpiece. Your Secure login ensures you can continue your work from any computer...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions a ton of people have asked:


Is PLIC Books secure?

Yes! PLIC Books uses 264-bit (HTTPS) Encryption for all transactions between your computer and our Web Application. All of our "Servers" are behind a Secure Firewall which protects against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other web threats.


Is there anything that I have to install for PLIC Books to work?

There is nothing to install for PLIC Books to work. PLIC Books is an Online Web Application that uses HTML5 and Javascript to give the User a great experience in the Web Browser without having to do much of anything. Google's Chrome Web Browser will give you the best experience overall.


Does PLIC Books do backups?

PLIC Books performs a "Snapshot" every day of the entire PLC Books website and it's data. This includes every page, every book... everything! From there, PLIC Books has redundant Backups of those Backups. These Backups are then backed up in different locations.


If I don't use a "Credit" for a Book, do I lose it?

Nope. When you purchase a "Credit" for a Book, it's yours. For example: If you bought 50 PLIC Books "Credits" and only used 49 for the year, that 1 "Credit" can be used for the next year. Make sense?


Is there a privacy policy?

You can find the PLIC Book's privacy policy at https://help.photolynx.com/en/collections/345715-legal-and-privacy.

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